Our innovative concept, healthy and wellness

At Villa Caroline you will have a positive experience. We invite you to relax and forget your busy schedule by coming to enjoy the fresh air of the lake and the views of the magnificent mountains. Complete relaxation in an oasis of serenity will transform you.

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Our innovative concept, healthy and wellness

A holistic and natural approach

We suggest that you take care of your health, which is more important than your career, by nourishing yourself with a healthy, energizing, local and organic diet, aimed at protecting you from chronic disease. Apart from food, physical activity will be one of the important keys to your stay to achieve optimum health.

Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing

Our body is a fabulous machine that needs regular maintenance to stay in top form and boost its immunity. This is what we do at Villa Caroline.

Let us take care of you to make you feel stronger, more active and happier. Here you can listen to your body as well as to expert advice to find perfect harmony.

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« The best is not the consequence of the most so let us preserve by wisdom what we have acquired by enthusiasm »

Nicolas de Condorcet, mathematician, French philosopher

A typical day at the Villa

After an early breakfast, you will be encouraged to do some sport, a guided walk or a bike ride, you can even choose to swim in the lake from our private beach.

You can also practice meditation, yoga or stretching. Next comes lunch and a nap with a detoxifying hot water bottle on your liver. Then it’s the best time of the day with massages and relaxation in our comfortable spa.

Dinner will be early and you will be able to relax by the fireside in our library with a good book, listening to the piano or a lecture on certain evenings.

The day will come to a close with a salt footbath in your room.

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A typical day at the Villa