What if fasting was the best way to protect yourself from COVID?
12 Jan 2021 Medicine

What if fasting was the best way to protect yourself from COVID?

To block the Coronavirus, we all think of the mask. However, the best defense is still to support his immunity. In this regard, fasting is a precious ally: fasting for three days is enough to completely rebuild the immune system!

Fasting: a real makeover for the body

Lack of sleep, an unbalanced diet, stress and a sedentary lifestyle all end up altering our immune defenses. In the long run, our body becomes disordered and defends itself less well against viruses. Fasting occasionally or regularly puts the body at rest and initiates a powerful internal cleansing process. Faced with the Coronavirus or any pathogenic risk, the effect of fasting is beneficial: in just 3 days, the bone marrow considerably increases the production of white blood cells which fight infections. Freed from damaged or unwanted cells, the body experiences a renewal of vitality. Fasting also improves the composition of the gut microbiota, the seat of immunity and fuel for our emotional states. So fasting doesn't just renew our defenses: it clears the head and helps refocus on the essentials.

Good in my body, good in my life!

The secret to good mental and physical health also lies in our ability to savor and make sense of life. There is no doubt that chronic illness poses a threat to health: anxiety and depression make us more vulnerable to viruses. Conversely, calm and cheerful people are less likely to get sick. This is why, at Villa Caroline, we like to cultivate positive emotions:

  • For peace of mind, the living spaces play with transparency towards Annecy Lake and are largely open to the surrounding nature. During a fast or detox holiday, our clients practice Qi Qong, yoga and meditation in a clean and soothing environment.
  • For the health of the body, the hotel has a spa and massage cabins. It is possible to take fitness classes, enjoy cycling or walking. The private beach, for its part, invites aquatic pleasures.
  • For the joy of the heart, Villa Caroline organizes cooking classes with its Chef as well as pottery workshops, in small groups

I prefer prevention than cure!
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