Fasting: an age-old practice of self-healing
22 Jan 2020 Medicine

Fasting: an age-old practice of self-healing

2300 years ago, Hippocrates was right! For minor ailments, he recommended fasting rather than taking medicine. Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Seneca and Cicero recorded in their writings that the practice of voluntary fasting increased their intellectual performance. From Lent for Catholics to Ramadan for Muslims, all religious traditions have seen fasting as a spiritual and meditative virtue. Nature itself encourages abstinence, through the example of hibernation or seasonal cycles. Whether it is a question of maintaining good health or getting to know ourselves better, fasting is an age-old practice recorded as far back as the 13th century!

Body detox and sharpness of mind

Water fasting consists of abstaining from any solid food for a few days, in favour of a liquid diet: water, herbal teas, broths, fruit and vegetable juices ... When practised consistently, this type of treatment allows the intestines to rest and helps the organs to get rid of toxins. Because it detoxifies the body, fasting acts to prevent illness or significantly improve health. Many benefits for chronic conditions have been reported. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, inflammatory disorders, joint problems, allergies and cholesterol are improved. Physical rest for the organs, combined with relaxation of the mind, helps the body to reset itself. The body regains functions that were exhausted. Given the opportunity for reflection, the mind also benefits and becomes clearer!

Fasting: a path to oneself

To be able to cope with the physical and emotional changes of fasting, it is always easier and more comfortable if you have support. At Villa Caroline, all comfort fasts take place in a supervised and safe environment. From a 10-day water fast to a 3-day low-calorie programme, all of our stays take place with the support of a naturopath and a team of attentive therapists. On the shores of Lake Annecy, far from the hustle and bustle of modern life, Villa Caroline is a timeless space that helps you to slow down and turn inward. Surrounded by nature, it offers a complete healthy experience thanks to its top-of-the-range services: rooms with panoramic views of Lake Annecy, a bucolic garden, private beach, relaxation lounge, library with fireplace, spa with sauna and hammam, balneotherapy, massage rooms ... At Villa Caroline, we do yoga, stretching, forest walking, paddleboarding and even meditation. Concerts, themed conferences and healthy cooking classes encourage the exchange and sharing of new knowledge. Everything is thought through so that you can calmly experience your fast, in an invigorating and soothing setting.

I reconnect to myself
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