Discover about the benefits of blue-green algae at Villa Caroline
07 Sep 2020 Food

Discover about the benefits of blue-green algae at Villa Caroline

It is still little known and yet its health benefits are spectacular. The blue-green algae from Klamath Lake has an incredible nutritional potential, associated with specific actions on the immunity and the regenerative capacity of the body. Facing Annecy Lake, Villa Caroline is a health and well-being hotel, focused on detoxifying practices and natural therapies. Enthused by the qualities of Klamath seaweed, Villa Caroline offers this superfood as part of fasting stays and detox cures

The algae that regenerates!

Bone marrow stem cells have the ability to regenerate or repair tissues that make up our body. We make an average of 3 million bone marrow stem cells per day. But with age and possible malfunctions of the body, the process of renewal slows down. Imagine being able to double the regenerative capacity of your stem cells and stimulate the body's ability to repair itself! This is now possible with blue-green algae, whose spectacular health benefits have been demonstrated by biologist-researcher Jacques Prunier. With 115 micronutrients, aphanizomenon floes aquae is the richest food known to date on the planet. This wild algae, which only grows in Klamath Lake in the United States, has the power to stimulate the production of bone marrow stem cells, and therefore to be a valuable ally for health.

Remarkable nutritional virtues

At Villa Caroline, blue-green algae have naturally found their place in comfort fasts and detox cures. Françoise Picard consults at Villa Caroline as a naturopath. She explains, “Klamath seaweed is rich in chlorophyll. As a result, it enhances the elimination functions. Mixed, for example, with vegetable juice, it provides the body with all the necessary nutritional elements. It supports the immune system, regulates mood and fights states of fatigue ". Associated with a healthy lifestyle, blue-green algae is therefore distinguished by its highly regenerative properties. As part of a relaxation or diet stay, Villa Caroline customers are guaranteed to benefit from personalized advice and excellent quality products: Villa Caroline pays all its attention to the conditions of harvest, purification, dehydration and preservation of blue-green algae.

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