Villa Caroline: where the dream becomes reality
17 Feb 2020 Event

Villa Caroline: where the dream becomes reality

Caroline and Grégory are experienced in immersive travel and detox stays. They have travelled the world in search of timeless places, but never found the perfect one. And so they began to imagine a place, like them, entirely devoted to well-being and health.

Regeneration of the body and peace of mind

Right on the shore of the lake, Villa Caroline delights in a Bohemian garden with ancient trees. Close to nature, it offers all the comforts you need to switch off and rest: bright living spaces, top-of-the-range facilities, sophisticated décor and the finest materials. Opportunities to revitalize yourself abound, through inspiring and de-stressing activities such as cycling, walking, yoga, swimming, paddleboarding, etc. To nourish your mind, a warm library and a video library. To care for your body, a spa with sauna, hammam, balneotherapy and massage rooms. To awaken your soul, there are culinary and artistic workshops, concerts and conferences. And to restore your health, we have a team of qualified and caring therapists. Time stands still and you feel more alive, this is an ideal place designed for contemplation, meditation and oxygenation. "Here, you leave the cares of everyday life at the front door, along with your mobile phone! We imagined a soothing place that combines detoxifying practices with natural and ancient therapies ”, explain the founders with enthusiasm.

Refined architectural design, right on Lake Annecy

Two years in the making, Villa Caroline opens its doors in Autumn 2020. It is the culmination of its owners’ dream. Lying on the shores of Lake Annecy, its creation is due in part to active cooperation between the town hall of Duingt and Alexandra Notebart, associate architect of the Géronimo firm. “The building faces the lake. Because it is extensively glazed, it is full of natural light. All the rooms have a view of the water and the outside comes in to meet you with maximum effect, “ explains the architect. Respect for nature is paramount, this establishment invests in the environment without disturbing it. Rainwater is collected and the wood cladding comes from local forests. Competing with 5 star hotels, Villa Caroline has panoramic views of the lake and all that nature offers there. Open all year round, it is built to blend in with the grand historic houses in the area whilst offering contemporary touches of its own. In the bedrooms, which are exceptional, natural materials predominate. The plush décor emphasises the wood and also the soft and light colours. Intended to enhance your rejuvenating and immersive stay, the architecture of the hotel was designed to be not only luxurious, but also intimate and discreet.

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